Sewer Service

Sewer Service

In 1995 White House Utility District expanded service beyond water and began to provide wastewater service to portions of Sumner County, which never had access before. The extension of this service provided the catalyst for much of the county’s current growth and improvement of our overall quality of life. To find out if WHUD sewer service is available in your area, you can enter your address in our Service Area Map and be taken to the exact location.

Seasonal Sewer Averaging Program

As is common among sewer service agencies, White House Utility District calculates your sewer usage based on your monthly water use. To account for outdoor uses that may not impact the sewer system, we use an “averaging program” from April through October each year. This program prevents our residential customers from paying sewer charges on additional watering (irrigating, swimming pools, etc.) that commonly take place during this time period and not returned to the sewer system.

Averages are based on water usage from November through March, excluding the highest and lowest months. Customers are not charged over that amount for sewer billing while the program is in effect. Averages are automatically calculated each year, and new customers without usage history will be set up on an average of 5,000 gallons the first year.

NOTE: WHUD provides sewer billing services for Hendersonville Utility District and Portland Utilities. Customers with Hendersonville or Portland sewer should contact their offices for any questions about their sewer charges or adjustment policies.