Construction Support for Developers

Availability of Service

To determine if WHUD provides, or can provide, water and/or wastewater service to your desired location, please complete an Availability of Service request. Due to the number of these requests we get each year, we ask that you please allow between 5-25 business days for us to process this request. As soon as it has been reviewed and a determination is made, we will respond to you in writing. For commercial projects and those including more than five tracts of land, a $50 fee will be applied.

Availability of Service Request

Developer Packet

Once availability has been determined, developers should download the appropriate packet. These include a step-by-step guide to the plan review and construction approval process and all forms that will be required throughout the process.  



Water & Sewer

Large Meter



Tap Fees


Hydrant Requests

Requesting a New Hydrant

Developers can submit a request for new fire hydrants to be installed in order to boost fire protection to a residential neighborhood. Per Tennessee state law, all fire hydrants must produce a minimum flow of 500 gallons of water per minute (gpm), with a minimum residual pressure of 20psi, and water lines must be at least six inches in diameter for fire hydrant connections. Some local planning authorities and fire departments require higher flow rates than the state minimum (500 gpm), so please check with your local authorities prior to submitting a hydrant request. You will have to include this information on the request form.

Upon request, WHUD's engineering team will review the location, pressure and flow of proposed hydrants to determine if installation is feasible. Once the assessment has been completed, someone from WHUD's engineering department will contact you with the results. If it is determined that a hydrant can be installed in the requested location, the material and installation fee of $3,000 must be paid before the hydrant is installed. 

Flow Test on Existing Hydrant

Individuals can also request flow tests on existing hydrants. The test will be scheduled within 10 business days of the request. The fee for this service is $100.