Wastewater Service FAQs

Am I eligible for WHUD sewer service?

WHUD provides sewer service to more than 10,000 residents in Sumner County. To find out if your address falls within our sewer service boundary, visit our interactive Service Area Map and enter your address.

Does WHUD offer a sewer averaging program?

Because many of our customers experience spikes in water usage during summer months – due to irrigation, filling swimming pools, etc. – WHUD does offer a seasonal sewer averaging program for our residential sewer customers. This program is intended to help prevent WHUD residential customers from paying sewer charges on seasonal water use that does not get returned to the sewer system. Click here to learn more.

What do I do if there is a problem with sewer service in my area?

For concerns or problems with sewer service in your neighborhood, please contact our Customer Care team at 615-672-4110 or Report a Problem here.

What do I do if I notice funny noises or smells in my homes plumbing?

There are some tell-tale signs that something may be wrong with your plumbing, including:

  • Unusual odors coming from your drains.
  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds when your drains are in use.
  • Slow drains inside your home, or inconsistent emptying of drains in one or more fixture.

If you experience one of these issues, or if you see signs of damage or apparent tampering with any part of our collection system, including septic tank access covers, feel free to call our Wastewater Team at 615-672-4110, Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm.

For more helpful tips to prevent clogs in your home’s plumbing, click here.

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