Plat Review Process

Plat Signatures for Subdivided Property

Any individual (or individuals) subdividing a tract of land into lots under five (5) acres are required by Robertson and Sumner counties to have a plat reviewed and signed by several local entities, including the utility provider, ensuring that service is available and all local regulations are met during the building process.

With this, WHUD receives numerous requests each month to review and sign plats. This process takes time and careful attention to ensure accuracy and requires up to five (5) business days to complete. Copies will not be signed while the person waits.

Those needing a plat signed must submit a hard copy of the plat as well as a digital files (pdf and dwg). These can be dropped off in person at WHUD’s administrative office, located at 3303 Hwy 31W in White House, TN. Digital files can be delivered on a CD or your surveyor may email the files directly to Ashlyn Freeman at All plats will be reviewed in the order they are received.

Individuals should allow up to five (5) business days for review and approval. If changes are required, the five-day window will start over when the updated files (print and digital) are delivered. It’s also important to note that facilities’ fees may apply when subdividing property. These fees vary by metering zone and location. WHUD will notify the survey/engineering firm or customer if any fees are owed.

Once the plat has been signed and is ready for pickup, WHUD will notify the survey/engineering firm or the customer.

If you have any questions regarding obtaining a signature for a plat, please contact WHUD’s engineering department at 615-672-4110 ext.262.