Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 34,000 water connections and another 4,000+ wastewater connections, WHUD receives hundreds of questions every single day. To help our customers find the answers you need, whenever and wherever you are, we’ve outlined some of the questions we get asked most often, and the answers. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for, please contact our office at 615-672-4110, or you can click here to submit a question through our online form.

Water Service Questions

Water Service FAQs

Examples: how to turn off a meter, how to check for leaks, etc.

Wastewater Service Questions

Wastewater Service FAQs

Examples: strange odors, gurgling noises, etc.

Account Information & Billing Questions

Account Information & Billing FAQs

Examples: what do I owe?, can I pay my bill online?, etc.

Development Questions

Development FAQs

Examples: availability, plat review, etc.

Water Quality Questions

Water Quality FAQs

Examples: why is my water cloudy, is is safe to drink water treated with chlorine, etc.

Irrigation & Backflow Questions

Irrigation & Backflow FAQs

Examples: irrigation meters, backflow prevention, etc.

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