New Tank for New Deal

The community of New Deal welcomed a new fixture to its skyline in September, when its new 500,000 gallon tank went live. The tank, pictured below, replaced a 250,000 gallon tank that had been serving the community since 1979. Prior to that New Deal had two towers, referred to by many as the "Twin Towers", that held 25,000 gallons each.

The new New Deal tank was designed for longevity and better service to customers. Built taller, and with hydraulics in mind, the new tank is able to pump water out with greater force, which increases pressure for customers. The tall concrete base houses the pipes and valves, allowing for faster and easier access for regular maintenance. The steel basin that sits atop the concrete base holds the entire 500,000 gallons of water. It's coated with a new type of paint that can withstand wind, rain and sun for about three times as long as what was previously used.

All in all, it's bigger, faster, more efficient and more durable. And it's just what New Deal needed.