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View our Outage Map for current service interruptions in your area. If WHUD has just completed a main line repair in your area, we recommend turning your cold water on slowly after water is restored and letting it run for a few minutes to release any air that may have build up in your lines. If you’ve done this, and you continue to experience milky, cloudy or discolored water, or the water is “sputtering” out of your faucets, please call us at 615-672-4110 so we can send a crew to flush WHUD’s main line.

If you are experiencing an issue with your service, call 615-672-4110 and press 0 for assistance. We answer this line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also report your issue online by clicking the button below.

If there is an immediate water problem inside your home, shut off your master valve to stop the flow of water into your property.

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions, which includes step-by-step guides for checking for a leak, flushing your home service line, and more.

Watch this video for instructions on how to shut off your water.

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